Activating recurring payment

Published by Mark Dohi on 2021-Feb-23
In this article, we will cover the required steps to activate recurring payment on Hostico services


  • In the next article, we will go through each step, for the procedure of activating the recurring payment, on the services purchased through Hostico


  • A Hostico client account
  • An available service


  • After successfully logging into the client account, go to the Services -> My Services section. If you want to enable recurrence on a domain, go to Domains -> My Domains
  • On the next page, all services in the client account will be displayed. Go on the service where you want to activate the payment recurrence, and click on the Configure button

  • The next step is to access the Recurring Payment button next to the screen

  • To complete the activation of the recurring payment, the Status - Active - box must be checked, respectively the Send buton has to be clicked afterwards


  • In the case of customer accounts, which did not have the recurring payment option activated on any of the services held, it is necessary to pay the proforma manually, the first time. The following proforma invoices for the service will be automatically deducted from the balance of the card used for the first payment.
  • For situations where you have multiple services on a single proforma invoice, but the recurrence is enabled on a single service, billing will be strictly for that particular service. The fiscal invoice will be issued separately, and the rest of the services on the proforma will be sent back in order to make the payment manually.
  • If the card has expired or been changed, the recurring payment will no longer work, and you will need to make a manual payment with the new card so that it can be registered and used for subsequent recurring payments.
  • If the card has expired, the next payment made manually will set that card to the recurring payment by default.
  • Încasarea facturilor de către Hostico, se va încerca în zilele în care se trimit notificari de plată, iar dacă nu sunt fonduri suficiente în contul aferent cardului bancar, plata va fi încercată din nou în următoarea zi
  • The collecting of payments by Hostico, will be tried on the days when payment notifications are sent, and if there are not enough funds in the account related to the card, the payment will be tried again the next day.
  • If, following the automatic deduction of the amount from the bank account, you find that the hosting services are no longer necessary, you need to contact the commercial department, to extend another servuice
  • În cazul în care recurența este activă pe un domeniu, și nu se dorește prelungirea automată, va fi necesară dezactivarea înainte de generarea proformei, întrucât odată ce domeniul este reînnoit, nu există posibilitatea returnării sumei achitate
  • If the recurrence is active on a domain, and no automatic extension is needed, it will be necessary to deactivate it before generating the proforma, because once the domain is renewed, there is no possibility to return the amount paid.
  • For any attempt to withdraw the amount, an email will be sent with the result of the withdrawal regardless of its status (successful or not)

If after reading and following the steps outlined in the article you are unable to successfully complete the described task or action, or if you have additional questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact Hostico.

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