June Update

Cristian POP

June Update

PHP 7.1

The latest PHP version is available for Hostico clients on shared hosting accounts and also VPS. PHP 7.1 can be activated through the plugins "Select PHP Version" for the cPanel shared web hosting accounts, respectively the plugin "PHP Version" on VPS servers with cPanel.Clients with the Webuzo control panel have to contact us in case they want to install this version for the apps that they are running.


Hostico is the place where the innovations in the domain of web services are presented, this time being implemented the use of the HTTP/2 protocol. This is an improvement towards the HTTP/1.1 protocol used by default in the domain of web data transfer for over a decade. The major differences between HTTP/2 and HTTP/1.1 are :

  • it is binary and not textually
  • completely multiplex
  • compression of the headers to reduce the general upload times

These aspects allow the HTTP/2 to transmit the informations in a more compact way, less predisposed errors and more important simultaneously on the same connections not needing to open dozens of connections by the web server from the browser. The benefits of the HTTP/2 protocol have a direct effect over the loading speed of websites, the loading time needed for websites wich run on HTTP/2 being shorter than the ones that run on HTTP/1.1.

In order to use HTTP/2 on the browser side it is necesary that the site is accesed through the secured version (HTTPS) wich means that it must have a valid security certificate installed and the site is configured to run on the HTTPS connection. According to the Hostico offer, all clients, regardless of the chosen hosting package benefit from a free security certificate. So besides the improvement of the website security, the possibility to use HTTP/2 and the improvement of the site loading speed is an added reason for putting into use the SSL certificate and the migration of the site on the secured version. With the implementation of this protocol, the hosting services offered by Hostico have received a new impulse in terms of performance.

HTTP/2 is currently available for all the web hosting packages ( Personal, Business, SEO, RS) and VPS servers with cPanel. The implementation for the VPS servers with Webuzo control panel will be made in the near future.

Published on 06-June-2017

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