Client Functionalities

Ana Rednic

Client Functionalities


In addition to the study, testing and periodic implementation of new ways of operating, optimizing and securing the web hosting services we offer, we are also looking for ways to improve customer relationships and ease their work in relation to us.
Therefore, over the past month, we have implemented some new functionalities in the billing system.


At the request of several customers we have implemented SMS notification. Activating it is optional and can be made from the client account. SMS notifications will be sent to: generating the proforma invoice by the system and not by placing an order and eventually suspending the hosting account regardless of the reason for the suspension (nonpayment, abuse, etc.)
SMS messages will appear as being sent by "Hostico ", please do not reply to these SMS because messages will not get anywhere being a channel of unidirectional communication.
Enabling/disabling SMS notification can be done from the Hostico client account under the " My Details " section by checking/unchecking the box next to the SMS option.

Log in from Mail

To simplify account authentication, view, pay, and download the invoice for which a notification or payment receipt is received, we implemented authentication directly from the incoming mail. By clicking on the proforma / tax invoice number you will be automatically logged into the Hostico client account and the related invoice will be displayed.
Customers who have enabled 2FA (Two Factor Authentication) will not be able to authenticate this way, they will be redirected to the client account authentication interface.
Invoice links are valid for 7 days after the notification and or payment confirmation email.. After,authentication will be done by entering the customer account data (user and password).

Modifying the proforma invoice

From now on customers can edit their proforma invoices for the services they have.
If you want to bill a service on other data, for example, switching from a person"s data to a legal entity"s data or vice versa.
Editing is only available for proforma invoices.
The option is in the client account in the "My Invoices" section next to the invoices.

Published on 29-may-2019

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