BackUp & PostgreSQL

Ana Rednic

BackUp & PostgreSQL


Unsatisfied with the speed of backup/restore of R1Soft, we have searched for both commercial and Open Source alternatives to improve these issues.
Although maybe for the user, the backup speed is not a factor of direct interest, the restore speed is crucial to restore the elements of an account whether it`s e-mails, data from the site or database.
This speed depends on the site and database elements, in some cases the downtime of a site.

After verifying several alternatives we implemented Bareos as a solution. This is an open source software for backup/restore.
By using this solution we managed to significantly reduce the time needed to do backups and restores.


In order to broaden the spectrum of services we offer, we have decided to adopt a new database system.
From today, alongside MySQL, we will also offer PostgreSQL.
PostgreSQL same as MySQL, it is a relational database management system.

There are various reasons for choosing one of the two systems, but it depends largely on the user`s preferences and the purpose of the application that will use the databases. Both can and are used in various environments with different security and performance requirements, and with multiple programming languages.
No matter what reason you have to choose one of our two databases, you will find both at Hostico.

Published on 17th of June, 2019

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