August Update

Bogdan Jitaru

August Update

Free SSL V2

Starting with the month of august 2016, all Hostico hosting packages - Personal,Business,SEO,RS and VPS will have free SSL certificates included for all the domains and addon-domains hosted on these accounts . This offer applies retroactively so that all the hosting accounts found on the Hostico servers benefit already of a free SSL certificate.

The SSL certificates will be offered regardless of the period when the Hostico hosting services were bought and will be extended on the entire period of validity of them. The offered certificates are issued by Comodo and have a 3 month validity period. The order / installation and renewal of these certificates will be made automatically on the Hostico servers without external intervention. Hostico is again in the first line when it comes to innovation, being the first to include on a wide range services like DNSSEC, IPv6 and other optimization/security services.

The Comodo Positive SSL certificate, with 1 year validity period offered for the annual payment of the hosting packages Business, SEO, RS, VPS remains available and will be offered together with the free SSL Comodo certificate.

Notes :
1. SSL certificates for VPS are offered for the moment only on VPS with Cpanel.
2. SSL certificates are available for the moment only on Centos6 servers following that Centos5 servers will be updated in the following months to a new version of the operating system

Multiple PHP versions

Due to the multitude of applications installed on Hostico servers, each with their own requirements, we decided to offer multiple PHP versions to configure them. Therefore you can choose from now on between the PHP 5.5, 5.6 and 7.0 versions for each domain/add-on domain found on the Hostico servers and configure the PHP settings in the same way for each domain/add-on domain through PHP Version and PHP Settings plugins, Hostico trademark inside the Cpanel.


We present some of the new plugins available now inside the Cpanel interface:

  • 1. PHP Version - allows changing the PHP version on domains/ add-on domains found on the hosting account
  • 2. PHP Slow Log - allows the activation and tracking of the PHP scripts whose execution last more than a certain number of seconds
  • 3. PHP Error Log - allows the view of certain PHP errors


A new resource increase is taking place, this time for the PHP memory. The increase applies to the hosting packages Personal Mini, Midi, Maxi as well as Seo Mini and Midi whose PHP memory will be increased at 256 MB. The initial values for the hosting packages were 128 MB for the Personal packages and 160 MB as well as 192 MB for the SEO packages.

Plugin Updates

With the new modifications brought to the PHP functionality as well as the availability to choose from different versions, the following CPanel plugins suffered slight modifications :
OPcache - the settings can be made from now on for each domain/ add-on domain found on the hosting account
PHPSettings - the settings can be made from now on for each domain/ add-on domain found on the hosting account

Published on 25-August-2016

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