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Why is my hosting service suspended ?


The account may be suspended for the following reasons :

    - Failure to pay the invoice before the due date, see Terms and Conditions Chapter 4. Financial section Postponing / Suspension / Reactivation
    - Violation of the Resource Usage section
    - Violation of the Terms and Conditions, Chapter 10. Content Policy, and Chapter 11. Usage Policy

The steps required for reactivation depends on the suspension reason :

Failure to pay the invoice :
- If the invoice is recent simply by paying it, the account will be reactivated. If payment is made by bank transfer, you need to send a copy of you payment order to office@hostico.ro .
- If the service is suspended for more than 60 days, it is possible that the hosting data will no longer exist, you will need to contact us in this regard

In case of a violation of the Terms and Conditions, you will need to contact us to resolve this issue

When an account is suspended, an automatic email is sent whith the suspension reason.

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