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My site is loading slowly. Why?


The reasons why the site load time may vary are many, but the most common ones are:

  • insufficient resources on the hosting package. Allocated resources can be seen by accessing Resource Usage
  •  lack of application optimization on the backend (database, PHP code, etc.) , frontend (CSS, JS, images, etc.)

When accessing a site with a database, the following operations take place:

  • runs the application code to connect and query from the database (if the database is not optimized, instead of running this process in a few millisecondes, running will take longer and will consume more resources)
  • processing data obtained from the database by application functions (if the functions are not optimized, the running will take longer than necessary and will consume more resources)
  • sending data resulting from these processes to the browser (if the images are not compressed/optimized, their upload will take longer, the same if the JS code is not optimized, running will take longer)

Each process may take more or less, depending on its optimization. Also, resource consumption varies depending on these optimization.

If for the frontend side there are optimization tools (PageSpeed Insights) ,  for the backend side you will need to contact a developer.

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