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I paid the domain but I was notified that it would be suspended. Why ?


According to ICANN's rules, any first use of an email address used to register a gTLD extension (.com, .net, .org, .biz, .info, etc.) must be validated. Therefore, if your mailbox has not been used before to register a gTLD extension you will receive a mail with the subject "Request e-mail validation" This email will contain a link like: "http://icann-verification.registrar.eu/?email=% % email %% authCode "that you will need to click to validate your mailbox.

Caution - if the mailbox is not validated within 14 days of the domain registration, the domain will be deactivated untill the email is validated.

If you received the validation email and you deleted it or did not receive it within 2 days of domain registration and you know this is the first use of this mailbox to register a gTLD please contact us in order to resend the validation mail.

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