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Do you accept customers outside of Romania ?


Yes, customers are accepted from anywhere on the condition that they provide correct contact information

Categories of customers who may purchase Hostico services that are not on Romanian territory at the time of purchase / payment

  • Individuals (from the EU space) will pay VAT rate, depending on the country where the purchased services are used.
  • Individuals (non-EU) will no longer apply VAT rate (Non-taxable in Romania).
  • For legal entities (EU territory), the VAT rate at the invoice (reverse charge) will not be applied, if the company is registered on VIES at the payment time (VIES)
  • Legal entities (outside Europe) will not be applied the VAT rate at the payment time (Non-taxable in Romania).

Note: We may require certain extra documents for externel customers regardless of their status (indvidual or company) .

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