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Domains .com

The .com extension is a TLD (Top Level Domain) , being the most popular one. Any person or entity is allowed to register it. Although, it was originally created to be used by business entities, for many reasons it has become a major TLD extension, and is currently used by all types of entities, including nonprofits, schools and individuals. Initially the .com extension was administered by the US Department of Defense.

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Purchase any web hosting package for at least one year and your associated domain is free. The offer only applies for the first year and for the following domain names .com, .net, .org

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Domain Extensions
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Over 180 extensions are available for registration through accredited partners, so you have the certainty that no matter your business profile you will have the right domain extension.

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Instant Processing
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Regardless of the chosen domain extension .com, .net, .org you can be sure that within less than five minutes your ordered will be processed and your desired domain name registred.

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