Hostico Data Center

Detailed description of GTS Telecom datacenter in Bucuresti, Romania. Data center with ISO 9001 certification and multiple optical fiber connections with 15Gbit/sec bandwidth.

Hostico Data Center

Data Center Description

Equipments in Data Center are of latest generation and ensure the security and reliability of data and client applications. Physical security measures (magnetic card access, permanently guarded building, independent and redundant power supply, fire protection, flood, etc.) and permanent control of the environmental conditions are designed to eliminate any risk that may be subject to equipments.

GTS data centers are connected to its national fiber optic network ring and through it to GTS Central Europe network and major European hubs, Frankfurt, Vienna and London.


Calea Rahovei 266-268, in Electromagnetica Business Park, Bucuresti - ROMANIA

Physical security

Physical security is necessary in order to prevent unauthorized access in the DataCenter

Control of environmental conditions

Temperature and air humidity in the operating rooms of DataCenter are controlled and maintained in normal limits to ensure operating conditions for the installed equipment.

  • Ambient temperature: between 10 . 30 Celsius degrees
  • Relative Humidity: between 30% and 80%.

The DataCenter is equipped with lightning protection.

Three air conditioning units (HVAC) of very high capacity ensure the optimal temperature for operation in the best possible conditions of the collocated equipment. Their interface provides control of temperature and humidity. These devices are continuously monitored by system engineers.

Cooling the equipment is performed from top to bottom through the grids mounted on super elevated floor.

Anti-seismic system

All racks and equipment are anchored in anti-seismic concrete floor.

Fire protection system

The datacenter is equipped with a modern fire detection and extinguishing. Sensor network based on the dual detection, optical and thermal, ensure an accurate and prompt alerting system. The sensors are monitored centrally 24/7/365. The extinguishing system is based on Inergen gas, a neutral combination between argon, carbon dioxide and nitrogen. The gas mixture does not affect the installed equipment.

Electrical power supply

The datacenter has two REILO UPS units. The Uninterruptible Power Supply, ensure the continuity in cases where the energy supplied by the local network does not meet specifications. These UPS units have an autonomy of 80 minutes in a fully loaded condition of the datacenter. The Diesel generator will function normally in 15 minutes from the start.

The generator is placed outside the building on a special platform.

The characteristics of the generator:

  • Turbo-Diesel engine
  • 648 HP
  • 500 KVA power

Power cords are positioned under the floor in special beds, grounded, separated from transmission media beds.

The power distribution units (PDUs), have an electricity consumption monitoring system and are produced by American PowerConversion. The equipment is monitored through Web interface, Telnet, SNMP, SSH, has 20 IEC-320-C13 and 4 IEC-320-C19 power distribution ports. The LCD displays the charge level PDU.

Main features

  • Strict physical access security in the DataCenter based on access card and closed television system circuit;
  • Redundant systems for control of the environment (temperature, humidity, fire fighting);
  • Dual redundant power supply through UPS with back-up and its own generator.

Security measures and control refers to:

  • Inside access based on magnetic card
  • Video surveillance through cameras inside the datacenter
  • Access to the Consoles Room, from which the Client can connect and manage its equipment in full confidentiality
  • Monitoring, guarding and maintenance 24/7/365
  • 2 high capacity UPS units for redundancy
  • Two air conditioning units for efficiency and redundancy. Cooling the equipment is also made through the grids mounted in the floating floor
  • Advanced fire protection system with Inergen gas
  • Temperature and fire sensors continuously monitored
  • Antiseismic kit to protect the racks
  • Racks powered from two different power sources

Access to the GTS datacenter can be done 24/7/365. In addition, technical support is provided 24 hours per day. DataCenter engineers are trained to provide immediate support, check the client equipment, reboot servers, change backup tapes, provide Remote Management service.

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